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If you are an international NGO, a small civic movement, an established government department, or an emerging public office, I offer a custom and reliable writing service.

From experiences with over 15 NGOs and several United Nations agencies, I can bring valuable insights, understand your needs, and speak your language.

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I write more than just words - I help words work towards your goals.

Clear and convincing for new business

Project proposals · Grant applications · Project preparation · Concept papers · Plans

Concise and consistent for efficiency

Glossaries and terminology · Handbooks · Procedures and processes

Concrete and constructive for effectiveness

Results frameworks · Monitoring & evaluation systems · Reports · Lessons

I can guide or support each step of your writing journey.

  • Compliance
  • Current practices
  • Subject matter
  • Opportunities
  • Priorities
  • Approach
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Original text
  • Revision
  • Compliance
  • Clarity
  • Feedback
  • Advice
  • Style
  • Structure
  • Consistency
  • Language
  • Proofreading
  • Accuracy
  • Formatting
  • Good to go!
The outputs are consistently of high quality, and she has taken several initiatives that were extremely constructive. Add to this flexibility and a great disposition, she is a true pleasure to work with.

United Nations Resident Coordinator's Office, Somalia

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Business writing examples

A lot of my work has been for internal use and unfortunately is not shareable. If you need more examples, abstracts in PDF format, or a mock-up of what I could do for you, feel free to send me a request and I'll come back to you. If you need help with technical documentation, like handbooks or instructions, my technical writing page will give you more insights.

Freelance Writer Greenpeace and NGOs_Sally Johnson


Organisational restructuring and change

Annual implementation plans · Executive communications · Gap analysis of campaign project management capacity and practice · Plan for embedding new model into normal business

Freelance proposal writer_governance


Local governance in Somalia

Original programme document for the United Nations Joint Programme for Local Governance and Service Delivery (JPLG) in Somalia.


Housing and population census in Kosovo

Monitoring and evaluation framework, system and tools · Call for proposals for public information · Grant giving and reporting

Freelance Proposal Writer Sally Johnson


Recruitment proposals

Guidance on improving proposals and grant applications · Proposal boilerplate with more robust structure and focused content.

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