Copy-editing & Proofreading

I don't take on a project because it's another job, I get on board to help your document succeed and achieve its purpose.

A review and polish of your text can make all the difference between winning or missing out, understanding or confusion.

If you are about to submit a tender or job application, half-way through an article on sustainability, self-publishing your first gardening book, or simply stuck with your writing, let me be your extra pair of eyes and friendly editor or polisher.

Poor spelling, lengthy sentences, inconsistencies, and a dull tone put your readers off. Don't let these avoidable errors get in your way! As a native English copy-editor, find out how I can help by sending an email and information about your document to Together we will make your text shine!

I help shape and fine-tune your content so that it meets your needs and your audience feels well-informed.


How about an objective review and some feedback to help move your document forward? Things I look out for are: focus, legal or other requirements, audience, clarity and flow.


Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.” (Stephen King) As your copy-editor, I will apply what you want to say, what your audience needs, and the best way to write it.


How confident do you feel about sharing or publishing your document? Make sure it's good to go by hiring me to fix any errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation and formatting. UK and US English are both possible.


Testimonials Sally Johnson Freelance Writer

A proactive and insightful editor. She understood the content of our material quickly, and was able to make constructive suggestions for improving its clarity. 

Kate Murphy, Editor, Translators without Borders

Copy-editing & proofreading examples

A lot of my work has been for internal use and unfortunately is not shareable. If you need more examples, abstracts in PDF format, or a mock-up of what I could do for you, feel free to send me a request and I'll come back to you. If you need a freelance writer, maybe for your next project, browse my business writing and technical writing pages for more insights.


Content transition to new topic-based intranet

21 content editing projects, e.g. diagnostic imaging, global planning, intellectual property, and country offices. 340 new intranet pages published.

Omnia Writing Copyediting_Sphere Handbook Revision


Revision of Sphere standards

Substantial editing and proofreading of Protection Principles chapter.


Organisation restructuring and change

Guidance and substantial editing of a handbook for staff impacted by organisational changes.


Doctoral thesis on Autoagressive Human T Cell Receptors

Proofreading and drawing attention to language errors and inconsistencies.

Next steps

If you would like to discuss your copy-editing needs or ask for an offer, please contact me and I will come back to you as fast as I can. Looking forward!

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