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Sometimes I need to feed my appetite for creativity and learning new tools. This is my creative corner for self-styled information products and expressions. If you would like to join me or explore a joint initiative, why not get in touch? I don't bite and would be happy to team up for a creative information journey!

Termbase : Sustainability

What: An online and searchable glossary of 70-80 terms related to sustainability (e.g. "sustainable development", "circular economy", and "carbon offset").

Why: To provide a tool that helps people understand terms that are increasingly common and important for our futures.

When: Starting April 2018.


Here are some rhymes from my experiences in the "field", and words that landed from a random word generator.

Feel free to download, but please contact me if you want to use them or see other examples.


Displaced  ·  Recovering Human Security

Random Words

Limelight  ·  Stripe  ·  Trampling

Infographics : Permaculture

What: A series of infographics about different aspects of permaculture.

Why: I see infographics as a way to simplify some of the information out there and improve my own learning at the same time.

When: January to June 2018. Next infographic is all about eco-labels.

01 Edible Flowers - And why you should grow them
Infographic Edible Flowers_Omnia Writing Services
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