Here are some examples of my writing work.

If you need more information, abstracts in a .pdf format, or even a mock-up of what I could do for you, pleasefeel free to send me a request.

Guidelines, tools & handbooks

  • Digitisation, copyright and privacy guidelines for an international archive
  • Performance indicator and target-setting guidelines for a United Nations country team
  • Application criteria, process and forms for civil society grants
  • Design do’s and don’ts for intranet editors and publishers
  • Cheat sheet for project managers to close projects and make change stick
  • Handbook for staff about restructuring process and their rights
  • Training evaluation and observation forms
Acehnese girls colouring stories

Teaching, learning & storytelling

  • Video scripts and screencasts for content editors and publishers of a SharePoint intranet
  • Interactive and graphical timeline of an organisation’s history
  • Prezi presentation explaining changes in behaviour and ways of working
  • Lesson materials for teaching English as a foreign language - some published by Teachit English
  • Curriculum outline for teaching beginners’ English to sight-impaired children
Copy-editing, proofreading and terminology

Editing, proofreading & terminology

  • Edit of hundreds of intranet pages for a major multinational company
  • Edit of executive management communiques for an international non-profit organisation
  • Edit of a publication on civil society in Serbia
  • Proofreading of a PhD thesis on human autoimmune diseases
  • Proofreading of articles for an engineering magazine
  • Glossary of terms for election observers and monitors
  • Glossary of terms and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about a new organisational model
Roma children Prizren Kosovo

 Proposals & reports

  • Project proposals and documents on human rights, media, constitution-building, strengthening livelihoods, services for returnees, civil society development
  • United Nations joint programme document on local governance in Somalia
  • Assessment report on socio-economic assistance in Kosovo
  • Evaluation reports of governance projects in Sierra Leone
  • Analysis of government salaries with recommendations
  • Narrative and financial progress and annual reports for donors such as USAID, ECHO and DFID
Plans and management word cloud OWS

Plans & management

  • Project management cycle and standards for an international organisation
  • Implementation plans for offices and projects
  • Monitoring & evaluation frameworks and systems for a peace-building programme, a housing and population census, and a 5-year rural development initiative
  • Concept and plan for embedding a new operating model into normal business
  • Terms of references for experts, staff, volunteers, steering committees and managing funds
Landscape oil painting B M Johnson

Poetic inspirations

Displaced     *     Limelight      *     Trampling  

Company information

Company name: Omnia Writing Services
Registration number: 68494718 (The Netherlands)
VAT number: NL381905433B02

Get in touch

Email: contact@omniawritingservices.com
Phone: +31 (0) 685 499 066

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