A lot of my writing and editing has been for internal use or subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), so it's tricky for me to share decent examples of my work. Still, here you can find some abstracts, plus examples of my own information products. If it helps to see a mock-up of what I could do for you, feel free to send me a request and I'll come straight back to you.

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Sometimes I need to feed my appetite for creativity and learning new tools. Even better if I can combine them with topics that fuel my passions. If you would like to explore teaming up for an initiative, why not get in touch? I don't bite and would be happy to fuse ideas and energy for a creative information journey!

Infographics : Permaculture

Edible Flowers - And why you should grow them

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Infographic Permaculture_Companion Planting

The ABC of Companion Planting

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Most of us live in urban areas and have little space for growing food. I want to show how it's possible to improve yields and attract insects, like bees and butterflies, that are vital to our food chain, even when growing in pots or containers. The technique, called 'companion planting', isn't new — seasoned gardeners will already be familiar with it. But most of the literature out there applies to larger gardens, and not the garden patch, courtyard or balcony that many of us have.

This infographic is an ABC of how we can help nature help our harvests in small spaces. It gives the best plant combinations for helping other plants grow, deterring pests, keeping weeds at bay, and retaining soil moisture. It also highlights some combinations to avoid! Applies to more temperate climates.


I'm not a poet but I do enjoy writing rhymes. Sometimes serious, sometimes fun. Here I share some lines from my humanitarian experiences, and words that landed from a random word generator.


Displaced  ·  Recovering Human Security

Random Words

Limelight  ·  Stripe  ·  Trampling

You're welcome to download, but please contact me if you want to use them or see other examples. Thank you!

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