Technical Writing & Communication

I write what it is...clearly and plainly.

Reader-friendly instructional documents

Once I have understood your goal and target audience, I can help you draft, edit or polish reader-friendly documents that inform and instruct.

Manuals · User instructions · Guides · How-to's · Tutorial scripts · Procedures

Simplified content for a specialist topic

"Less is more", as the saying goes. Whatever the topic, by using simple English language and information design techniques, I can transform your specialist content into text and forms that your audience will appreciate.

Plain English writing & editing · Process flows · Mindmaps · Timelines · Infographics

Tools to improve quality & translations

If you're losing time and money on reinventing written communication, translating the same text, or correcting the same errors, why not use tools that improve quality, efficiency and consistency? Benefits: clearer messages, single reference for vocabulary, faster editing, lower translation costs, fewer queries.

Terminologies/Glossaries · Editorial style guides

Her patience approach and quality work contributed to the success of our award-winning intranet. Thank you!

Dennis Agusi, Director Communication Channels, Philips

5 reasons to hire me as a non-technical

technical communicator

  1. I'm trained in technical communication and a member of the European Association for Technical Communication (tekom Europe e.V.). The products you receive from me will apply latest principles and practices.

  2. I can be objective and see the bigger picture — this helps me take on board your goals and readers' perspectives.

  3. I'm likely to ask questions your audience will ask — answering them before publication will save you time later.

  4. It's my job to simplify content without losing meaning — subject matter experts may find this difficult to do.

  5. I'm skilled in planning, coordination, engaging others, and teamwork — I therefore contribute towards a smooth process.
Freelance Technical Writer UK and US English
Sally has the ability to adapt very quickly into a new programme or content.

Lonneke van den Hoonaard, Director, IHLIA

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