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Here are some tools and resources for writing professionally, designing winnable projects, and boosting your job search in humanitarian action and international development. I have either developed them myself or curated them from reliable sources. Why? To help you achieve your purpose! 

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Job Hunting - Humanitarian Aid & International Development

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International Consulting Organisations

Better World Info provides a comprehensive list of private international consulting firms.

Some others that might be worth a look:
Acre (sustainability, environment, CSR)
Eptisa (water, environment, infrastructure, social development)
Integration Consulting Group
Oxford HR
Sustainable Development Services (planning, monitoring, evaluation, training)

CV Template for Consulting

Organisations like the African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Commission, GIZ and World Bank use their own CV formats.

If you're interested in consulting roles, you can save time by keeping a base CV up-to-date and copying the information you need over to each specific CV (or using the [paid] service of to do this automatically for you).

If you don't have such a CV already, here's an all-in-one Consulting CV Template that I've put together to help you.

Improve Your CV
Improve Your Cover Letter
Improve Your LinkedIn Profile
Career Advice

Getting Started in Relief and Development (blog post by Nick MacDonald in 2010 that's still valid today)
8 ways to start a career in the UN (
NGO Careers: Five Top Tips for Professional Development (FundsforNGOs)

Designing Projects & Writing Proposals

  • Cheat Sheet - Ways to Improve Your Proposal Writing

Open as PDF (it might take a few seconds) | Open as PNG

Video series and cheat sheets coming later this year:

  • Understanding Your Target Donor
  • Introduction to the Logical Framework and Logical Framework Approach (LFA)
  • 10 Steps of the LFA
  • Step 1 - Context Analysis
  • Step 2 - Problem Analysis
  • Step 3 - Stakeholder Analysis
  • Step 4 - Objective Setting
  • Step 5 - Project Strategy
  • Step 6 - Outcome and Impact
  • Step 7 - Outputs, Activities and Inputs
  • Step 8 - Project Context
  • Step 9 - Assumptions and Means of Verification
  • Step 10 - Verifying Project Design
  • Writing a Compelling Summary

Writing & Editing

Coming soon:

  • Editing Checklist
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