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The CVs that I create land interviews for jobs in humanitarian assistance, international development, social impact and the non-profit sector as a whole. Here are some samples.

(All personal information has been changed or removed to protect identity. Click on the image to see a better quality version.)

Public Heath Consultant - Award-Winning CV

Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) Award Winner 2021 for Best Classic Difficult Transition Resume - Career Directors International

Senior Peacebuilding Advisor

Mila: "I have been looking for a job for 6 months. Essentially, the critical point for me is moving from Missions to HQ/Offices to help me balance my experience and improve my work/lifestyle."

Products: Mila received a LinkedIn profile, 4-page classic CV and a 2-page graphic CV. She secured 2 interviews through networking and continues to look for the right opportunity.

Procurement and Logistics CV (Mid-Career)

Alessandro: "I'm looking for a CV that grabs attention, shows what I'm capable of achieving, and increases my chances of getting interviews for procurement or logistics management positions."

Result: Shortlisted for 1 in 3 job applications; 2 job offers within 6 weeks.

International Security Analyst CV (Graduate/Early Career)

Claire: "My contract ends in four months and I want to get ready now for applying for jobs. I want to move away from academia, though, and get more hands-on, operational experience. That's what excites me. I'm interested in working for international organisations like INTERPOL and UNODC and so need a CV that will get noticed from among hundreds of other applicants."

Result: Claire landed a traineeship at the European Parliament.

Other CV Samples

Humanitarian Project Manager CV (Early Career)

Elena: "Finding a job in the humanitarian aid and development cooperation sector can be very hard if you don’t have a at least consolidated experience of 3-5 years. Therefore, I need a CV that can bring value to my still modest professional experience, in order to grow and continue working in this sector."

Result: Elena moved on to a Country Director role 3 months after receiving her new CV.

Learning and Development (Mid-Career)

Nathalie is a seasoned expert in learning and development and needed a frame to help her make an urgent job application stand out from internal competition. This frame allowed her to highlight her core value and strengths as well as reveal her achievements in her community.

Risk and Financial Management Consultant

Richard needed a CV frame that he could easily adapt for risk and financial markets consultancies he wanted to pitch for. This format helped him showcase his chosen skill-sets and attributes, feature his achievements in a reader-friendly way, and demonstrate the calibre of his previous clients and assignments.

Richard has since gained consulting contracts with three major banks in the Netherlands.

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