Land your next job in the non-profit sector, international development or humanitarian action

 A powerful CV and LinkedIn profile can be the difference between getting that chance or another rejection.

I craft CVs / resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters and other career documents so that not-for-profit, humanitarian and international development job seekers get noticed and shortlisted for the purposeful jobs they want.

When doing this, I believe in their talents and authenticity to save lives, improve society or protect our planet. This belief drives me to help them move onwards and upwards.

I've helped people working for the ICRC, IFRC, UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, WHO, World Bank Group, Care International, Mercy Corps, the Dutch Government, Leiden University, Groningen University and many other organisations.

Whether you're a career starter, a specialist, a mid-career professional, a senior manager or a consultant, I can help speed up your job search.

TORI Awards 2021

TORI = Toast of the Resume Industry

2021: Award Winner for Best Classic Difficult Transition Resume.

2022: Nominee for Best Classic Difficult Transition Resume.

9 in 10 of my clients have landed interviews from their first few job applications!

Getting you more interviews

Investing in a CV writer is indeed that, an investment.

And so is job-hunting.

Right now, you're investing time and probably a considerable amount of effort to find your next job.

Maybe you have no choice or maybe you're looking for a new opportunity or change.

Whatever your circumstances, I can help boost your success rate.

Here are some reasons why:
  • I start with a one-to-one career chat about your career ambitions. This gives me insights into who you are, what you have achieved, what makes you alive in the workplace and where you want to head to next.

  • I design CVs and write LinkedIn profiles that sell a person's value in seconds. As few as 6 seconds is all it can take to be in the "yes" or the "no" interview pile! I therefore don't edit what you already have, but write new, carefully focused content.

  • I understand how applicant tracking systems (ATS) work. Your CV needs to beat these when you apply for a job online. I will make sure that your CV is ATS-compatible as far as possible.

  • A strong LinkedIn profile is a must to either be your CV or supplement your CV. Good writing helps, but your profile needs to also be set up in the right way to attract views. In addition to writing, I will give you a personalised strategy to optimise yours.

  • The cover letters I write are to the point and on point. In 3 paragraphs I convey your motivation, value and ability to solve your target employer's problems.

  • My goal is to help you achieve your purpose. I want you to succeed. All my work is therefore tailored to you, your attributes and your career direction.
Sector / Job Profile Experience

Cash Assistance
Child Protection
Climate Change Adaptation
Climate Financing
Development Finance
Disaster Risk Reduction
Emergency Coordination
Environmental Management
Executive Leadership
Food Security & Livelihoods
Gender Equality
Health Care
Humanitarian Forensics
International Security
Legal Counsel
Mine Action
Participation & Inclusion
Private Sector Development
Procurement & Logistics
Programme Management
Public-Private Partnerships
Physical Therapy
Refugees & Protection
Resource Mobilisation
Strategic Planning
Sustainable Development
Youth Development
Women Leadership

Some Success Stories

Javier, Operations Specialist, landed 7 interviews from 21 job applications and 5 times more LinkedIn views. He accepted an offer from an NGO.
Valerie, a UN Junior Professional Officer (JPO), landed 4 interviews while I was mentoring her to develop her UN Inspira profile. She accepted a P3 position with a UN Agency.
Nadia, Public Health Professional & Development Consultant, got invited to bid for 10 consultancies and a signed an offer with KPMG.
Pierre got shortlisted for a position at WFP in a field that he hadn't worked in for 10 years.


  • Member of Career Directors International - 2nd place TORI Award  for Best Classic Difficult Transition Resume 2021
  • MSc in Humanitarian Assistance (University College Dublin)
  • Certified Professional Technical Communicator (tekom Europe e.V.)
  • 15 years' field and HQ experience with UNDP, UNOPS, Greenpeace, Oxfam GB and other organisations - I understand the language and dynamics
  • Managed teams, hired over 50 staff and assisted organisational restructuring
  • Native English
In the 5 weeks since you sent me my new CV and LinkedIn profile, I've had 3 interviews, 1 job offer and 1 salary request. This wouldn't have happened without your help. Thank you so much!

Roberto, Procurement Officer

I had been job hunting for several months and was feeling a bit lost sending application after application with no response. Sally helped me to revolutionise my CV, highlighting my core skills and main achievements in a way I hadn't been able to do so. Her attention to detail and vast knowledge of the development field meant the end result was far better than I had imagined. Plus, after working together, I realized the specific area I wanted to continue working in and am now focusing my job search only in that area.

Syona, Gender Specialist

>> Syona started a 6-month consultancy on transitional justice and SGBV within 2 months of receiving her new CV.

Personal promise

It's important to me that you are totally satisfied with the CV package I provide you. If it doesn't hit the right notes, I will do revisions until it does and you are happy.

I can't guarantee you any interviews, unfortunately, but with smart writing and layout, your chances are surely set to improve.

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