Terms & Conditions

I like to work on trust and keep things simple. From experience, though, it helps to agree on some terms and conditions before we embark on a new writing or editing project together. Here are my general terms and conditions, which apply in the absence of any other formal contract between us.


I will quote you a fair price as soon as possible after receiving your enquiry and brief about your writing or editing needs. My quotes are valid for 90 days.

My fees can be hourly, daily or fixed, depending on the project or your preferences. If we agree a fixed fee, it will cover my services and costs (e.g. for research, correspondence, meetings) from the start to end of the project.

Omnia Writing Services is registered for VAT, so I will charge 21% VAT where applicable.

If the scope of the project changes, I have the right to re-quote based on the new requirements.

Discount Codes (CV Writing Services Only)

From time to time I may issue promotional or discount codes for my CV writing services.

If you received a code following a career poll on LinkedIn, please note the following:

  • The discount code is unique to you - only you can use it.
  • It gives you 5% off my services listed on CV Writing Packages and Prices until 31 December 2022.
  • You can redeem your discount code by placing an order via the Order Form and filling in the field "Promotional Code".
  • The value is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • I reserve the right to change my prices and terms and conditions from time to time.

Confirming a Project

Before starting a project, I need an email from you confirming three things:

  • You agree to my quotation.
  • You have read and agree to these terms and conditions (unless an alternative formal contract applies).
  • You are authorised to commission the project.

Smooth Running

I promise to make every effort to meet the scope, quality and deadlines that we set together in writing via email or in a formal contract. All I ask for in return is prompt information and material relevant to the project, swift feedback and timely payments. Hopefully this won't happen, but if am struggling to meet the timescale or brief, I will discuss this with you as early as possible. 

For CV writing work, your feedback within 5 days is appreciated so that I can keep momentum and keep you as priority in my schedule.

Payment Terms

For one-off projects costing up to Euro 400 (or equivalent in another currency), I ask for full payment upfront, before starting the work. For one-off projects costing more than Euro 400 (or equivalent in another currency), I ask for a 50% upfront deposit.

In both cases, once I have received payment, I will treat this as the green light to start work without delay.

Once the project is complete and I know you are happy, I will send you a final invoice.

For projects longer than a month, or if I am writing or editing for you on a regular basis, I will send an invoice either weekly or at the end of each month, depending on the amount of work involved.

All invoices will be from Omnia Writing Services. I expect payment within 21 days.

If you have questions about payment or issues with processing the payment on time, please reach out. Late payments are annoying, but I am usually an understanding person. 


If you need to cancel the work before our agreed start date, I will refund 25% of the amount received.

If I have started work on your project and you need or decide to cancel, I will either retain the full deposit, or invoice you for the work carried out to date, whichever is greater. To save you from unnecessary costs, I advise you to make any cancellations in writing and with as much notice as possible.


After I have sent you draft and final draft versions, I offer unlimited revisions at no extra cost for 30 days. I promise to do any revisions promptly. If you need more than 30 days, I will charge extra at an hourly rate.

If the revisions you need are based on a substantial change in direction, I would discuss this with you and send a new quote before starting such work.

Your Satisfaction

It is important to me that you are totally happy with work I do for you. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please be open and contact me about your concerns. I will do my utmost to resolve them.

Confidentiality, Copyright & Indemnity

I am happy to sign and respect any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. Even if an agreement is not needed, I will keep any documents you provide for conducting the work confidential. The same applies to work I create that is not intended to be published or distributed publicly. I may link to publicly distributed or published work from my website, unless you ask me not to.

The copyright for any creative concepts and content I develop for you will be transferred to you (the client) upon full payment of the final invoice.

I will make every effort to make your content error-free and meet your specifications or other requirements. However, ultimate responsibility for the content does rest with you (the client). It is therefore important that you re-review the content before committing it to publication or further distribution. You agree to indemnify me against any loss of earnings, or claim for compensation or damages brought about as a direct or indirect result of the work I do for you/your organisation.

A Little Extra

For work that involves funds, proposals, tenders or grants, I unfortunately cannot offer any guarantee that you will win. Too many variables are beyond my control. I will, though, work with you to develop a response that is persuasive, accurate, competitive and realistic, and that showcases your value proposition, services, products, quality and experience to the best extent possible. I will also include free feedback and advice during and at the end of the project so that you can improve your own writing capabilities for the future.

Any Questions?

Feel free to ask. Send me a message via the contact form, send me an email or call me on +31 30 237 8017.

Sally Johnson
22 January 2022

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