Helping you find the right words

Hello there! I'm Sally Johnson, a freelance business and technical writer with a passion for purpose. 

I help organisations, businesses and individuals find the right words for winning new opportunities, explaining something new, or showing that they're brilliant and professional.

Contact me to discuss your writing project - I'm ready to help you!

My last two nicknames were "the glue" and "the caterpillar". I'll tell you why when we talk.

The right words to...

win new business

Especially if you're a non-profit or international public organisation.

explain or add value

Especially if you need readers to follow instructions, or you want to write plainly and re-use content.

show you're professional

Especially if you want to impress your audience, or you want to land your next interview.

Excellent writing skills and massive powers of diplomacy.

Stephen Atkinson, Editor-in-chief of intranet and global TV channels, Philips

Themes I often work with

Peace & security · Humanitarian assistance · Sustainable living · Governance · Civil society · Arts & culture · ICT · Teaching English · Business processes · Organisational development & change · Internal communication · Project management · Monitoring & evaluation · Recruitment · CVs for development & humanitarian professionals

And many more are possible!

Let's talk about your writing challenge

Browse my portfolio or LinkedIn profile for more background information

She knows exactly how to write things down without complicating it.

Inez Willeboordse, Managing Partner, JobnetAfrica

More about me

If I can help contribute to that "ding" moment, help you land a new project or career, be the arms or legs for your next initiative, provide instructions that everyone can follow, help build a flat pack wardrobe in 20 minutes instead of 3 hours, or help avoid injury or anything more catastrophic, it will give me the greatest motivation.

You will find that I'm a curious person, creative, quick to learn, organised, and friendly to work with. My native language is English, and I speak fairly good French and Spanish, but bad Dutch. There was a time when I could also read and write Arabic, which being left-handed I loved. Unfortunately, the grey cells have since taken over!

Some clients and former employers

GEOtest, Greenpeace, ICMC, IHLIA LGBT Heritage, JobnetAfrica, Oxfam, Philips, Ravebo B.V., TechTrans, Translators Without Borders, UNDP, UNOCHA, UNOPS, UN Volunteers.

Places where I have lived and worked

Cyprus, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, UK, USA.

Enjoy learning

Qualifications include: Professional certification technical communication, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Practitioner,  Monitoring & Evaluation for NGOs, Teaching English as a Second Language (CELTA), Masters degree in Humanitarian Assistance.

Grow my own

In my spare time, I grow as many edibles as I can on my 2m2 roof terrace - tomatoes, kale, carrots, onions, salad, nasturtiums, raspberries. Imagine how much plastic packaging I've managed to save!

Company information

Company name: Omnia Writing Services
Reg. no.: 68494718 (The Netherlands)

Get in touch

Phone: +31 30 237 8017

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