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Hello there! I'm Sally Johnson, a freelance business and technical writer with a passion for purpose. 

Through shaping and simplifying content, I help organisations improve their funding chances, efficiency, and reader experience.

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My last two nicknames were "the glue" and "the caterpillar". I'll tell you why when we talk.

Business Writing

Specialised in writing for non-profit and international public organisations.

  • Project documents
  • Project & grant proposals
  • Annual reports
  • Lessons learned
  • Plans
  • Frameworks
  • Monitoring systems

Technical Writing

Reader-friendly instructional documents, writing for content re-use, and visual aids.

  • Manuals and instructions
  • Processes
  • Guidelines
  • Video tutorial scripts
  • Terminology
  • Editorial style guides
  • Infographics

Text Transformation

Audience focused, error free, a smooth read, and good to go. UK & US English.

  • Advice and structure
  • Reviewing
  • Substantive and copy-editing
  • Proofreading
  • Layout
  • CV writing and transformation for humanitarian professionals
Excellent writing skills and massive powers of diplomacy.

Stephen Atkinson, Editor-in-chief of intranet and global TV channels, Philips

Themes I often work with

Peace & security · Humanitarian assistance · Sustainable living · Governance · Civil society · Arts & culture · ICT · Teaching English · Business processes · Organisational development & change · Internal communication · Project management · Monitoring & evaluation · Recruitment

And many more are possible!

Let's talk about your writing challenge.

Feel free to browse my portfolio for examples of my work.

She knows exactly how to write things down without complicating it.

Inez Willeboordse, Managing Partner, JobnetAfrica

Company information

Company name: Omnia Writing Services
Reg. No.: 68494718 (The Netherlands)

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Phone: +31 30 237 8017

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